GBBO Commissions Portraits

The Great British Bake Off Portraits

Hola Hello and thank you for your interest in commissioning me to create a personalised portraits in the style of my recent The Great British Bake Off pictures.

Do you have a keen baker in your life who would love a portrait of themselves like the ones above?

The pictures will be approximately A3 size.

Prices are as follows:

A full GBBO type picture with one person surrounded by bakes (like the ones above):
£75 plus £7 postage (recorded delivery)

Just an upper body of one person holding something:
– £45 Plus £7 postage (recorded delivery)

Depending on if you want a full figure, more than one person or what other details are involved in the picture will depend on how much more the total will be.

If you would like to have a personalised portrait of a friend or loved one for Christmas or birthday or any other event then please fill out the contact form below with:
– who you want a portrait of
– What bakes you want them with (I’ll need photos of these as well)
– If NOT baking then what they do for a living or enjoy as a hobby or whatever you would like included in the picture
– Any other relevant details to the picture.

I will reply with a quote for your bespoke portrait (In the style of The Great British Bake Off Portraits) and ask you for some good photos of the person showing them from different angles. (see below for examples)

You may have to search through their social media profiles.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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