Arty Mikey People Sketching Illustration
I am known for my “concentration face” when I draw

#PeopleSketching is something I was inspired to do by an artist I follow on Social Media. I started a few years ago while on commute to places or when I was out at coffee shops as something fun to do to amuse myself. I found capturing people in everyday life interesting and it help feed back into my commissioned work to add more natural postures. Sometimes I am literal and other times I take a person and create a character out of them. I usually post them on Instagram during or after I do them. If you want to see regular People Sketching updates follow me there.

Check out the galleries below of my People Sketches.

Line Art

When you only have time to do a quick line drawing on a train, bus or before someone moves.

Semi Coloured/toned

Keeping the colour simple with minimal colour usually as I have more time to draw someone but less time to fully colour. Sometimes a minimal colour approach is fun.

Full Coloured

Once I am home and there is a sketch I like and I have more time I work up the sketch into a fully coloured picture.

So what’s the plan with my #PeopleSketching project?

There’s a few ideas of what I want to do and there is even interest from a small publisher so stay tuned. In the meantime I update my Instagram regularly with #PeopleSketching so if you want to see the latest sketches then please follow me.