I am a Comic book artist at heart and I’ve loved comic strips, comic books and graphic novels since I was very young. The sequence of images to tell a story or relay information just speaks to me. Maybe it’s because of my dyslexia or maybe it’s something else but it’s my favourite medium to tell stories.

I was making my own comics from when I was much younger. I have written and illustrated a few comic book stories over the years and they range from adult to kids stories. Below are some of the comics stories I have done…

Stan and Tim’s Imaginative Adventures

The Midlands Comics Collective trade paperback comic book anthology: TheMEAT: “TheWHO?!?”

Dangers of HOT weather

“The End Of The World” Comic book anthology: Colin the Cockroach

I am always looking for new comic book type projects and am happy to collaborate with any writers out there and open to discuss with editors and publishers. Drop me a message below.

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