Art Challenges

Started by American artist Jake Parker, Inktober is a challenge taken up by many artists to do an inked drawing every day during the month of October.

Below are my Inktober drawings. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see daily updates. SOME years I’ve managed it to the end where as other years I’ve had commissioned work come in and I stop Inktober prematurely.

Inktober 2017

Inktober 2016

This year was ended prematurely due to my commissioned work taking over my life at the time and my girlfriend and I adopting 2 kittens who pooped everywhere and find the sound of drawing fascinating and pens irresistible. Below are a few drawing I managed to do.

Inktober 2015

My first year taking part in Inktober. It was done between Birmingham and West Midlands, UK and Cadiz and Granada, Spain.