#PeopleSketching #TheArtyONE

 Hola hello!

I hope you’re well.

I thought I’d give you awesome people a little insight into a little side project of mine.

Inspired by a cartoonist in America I’ve started doing #PeopleSketching whenever I get the chance and where ever I go. This is a side project to get in touch with some traditional art media like paints and coloured pencils and even markers (okay markers aren’t traditional arts media – put if used right they can have a similar method as watercolours).

A couple of quick sketches on a bus

My aim is to work out some new ways to produce illustration work and caricatures (both live and commissions) work.
It’s fun to take people I see and turn them into some character… most of the time the people I see are a bit of a character already.

While drinking coffee in Gibralter

If you’re interested in my little experiments and People Sketching I upload these to my Instagram which I use a little like an online sketchbook. You’re welcome to follow me.

For all your illustration, character design/concepts and caricature needs drop me a line: mikeyb@theartyone.co.uk
Birmingham based illustrator, character designer and caricaturist