Branding and Promotions Illustrations

I am often commissioned to produce illustrations for branding, promotional material, posters and more. Below are examples of this and should you require something specific feel free to drop me a line.

Character design for branding

“Pennington Bear” for Pennington Dental Surgery

I was commissioned to create a friendly bear character for a dental surgery as part of their promotion to create a child friendly and happy environment as well as educate children on dental hygiene.

“Max Cargo” for Millennium Cargo

I was commissioned to create a fun character to represent different sections of the website from social media to holiday promotions to search features to confirming submission pages.


Illustrations for promotion

Muder On The Side (Murder Mystery Company)

Stephan Bessant of Murder On The Side has commissioned me to produce artwork for the posters and promotions of his various themed Murder Mysteries he and his team have performed over the years.

Waters Restaurant

I was commissioned by a classy resturant owner to produce some artwork as part of a fun and family friendly atmosthshere promotion.

Chromosomal replication – University of Birmingham

I was commissioned to produce a character/logo for presentations and publications of ongoing cancer research of a team based at the University Of Birmingham Cancer Research Labs.

Pantomime Promotional Illustration for – Robin Hood and Dick Wittington

I was commissioned a number of times to illustrate characters for the posters or programme magazines for pantomimes at the Solihull Art Centre.