Breaking “radio silence”

 Hola hello,

I hope you had a good Christmas and New Year (for those who don’t celebrate either – I hope you managed some much needed rest during the holidays as 2016 was a rough year).

So I had lots happening in 2016. Moving house a few times (once as my home was being sold and another to move in to a place together with my girlfriend), busy with lots of caricature bookings and commissions (some caricatures and some my illustration work).

2017 has started off a little slow as I finish a commission (hoping to upload images of this in the next update), catching up on emails and admin and I still need to organise my 2017 with some new and exciting ideas. …then there’s yet ANOTHER MOVE! This time to a mold and damp free home (we hope).

So to break the “radio silence” I thought I’d give you a little tease of what I’m planning for 2017:

Stay tuned and subscribe for more updates soon. Happy 2017!
– Mikey
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